Sunday, May 23, 2010

!st posting..haha

my fashion style is funky n fabulous but yet simple.. i'm just an ordinary girl, some people thought that i'm an arrogant kind of person but believe me,i'm not..i'm a shy girl actually..only my family n frens know me d best..when i was a kid, i used to be a model and has been acting for a television comercial..i don't judge people by what they wear,what they look like or what frens do they have,i only judge them through attitude..hate to involve in other people many mistakes in life,n still learning 2 be d best person ever..hihi..


idea semulajadi said...

shy sgt~

btw, suke english ko~~
aku xde keyakinan nk post dlm english~
jgn lupa follow aku ^_^

Syarifah Azmilia said...

aku dah folow dah.hehe..
thank u..aku cube sebaik mungkin..hihi