Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Syarifah dan Syed

-Syed dan Syarifah berasal dari keturunan Rasulullah S.A.W (Ahlul Bait )..

-Kalau Syed kahwin dengan orang biasa, anak2 akan terus dapat nama Syarifah dan Syed

-Kalau Syarifah kahwin dengan orang biase, anak lelaki akan taruk nama Meor dan anak perempuan taruk nama Wan.Tapi kalau xtaruk pun xkisah rasenye..

Pernahlah tanye dgn abah i, apa beza family sheikh n syed, ingtkan we r from d same susur galur just name berubah skit,.huhu.. tapi rupenye2 sheikh tu adalah keturunan sahabat Rasulullah S.A.W.

Ade family Syed n Syarifah yg sgt lah menjaga keturunan sampai family wajib kahwin dgn keturunan yg same je.huhu..luckily for my family, abah xkisah pun.. tapi kalau dpt kahwin dgn keturunan yg same mungkin lg best kot bg abah i..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

sedapnye chocolate ..

* tibe2 rase macam nak makan chocolate..
the taste of it, n how it melts in our mouth..fuh,sedapnye kan..hihi..
kalau tengok gambar2 chocolate nie lagi la..
teringat chocolate cadbury yg zul blanje..nyum2..thanks zul..hehe..

* chocolate strawbery:-

* chocolate fountain:-

* but chocolate isn't just for eating, some people do it for other thing too..
ada yang guna untuk cantikkan kulit dengan chocolate..

* ada yang buat ukiran jugak..
ukiran manusia pun ade..haha..

* yang buat baju yang lagi x tahan ..haha..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

how to deal with annoying people

1. Listen.

A lot of conflicts are based in misunderstandings, so always make sure you’re getting everything, It can be easy enough to tune someone out when they annoy you; the trick is to use careful questioning to focus the other person on the topic at hand so they give you what you need and avoid straying too far. Poor listening leads to misunderstandings that need clarification – which means more time spent with someone you’d really rather not be around.

2. Repeat everything.

Besides the tendency to tune out people you’d rather avoid, our feelings about another person can color our perception of what they’re saying. To avoid this, repeat back any instructions, questions, or other problems they pose to you to make sure you absolutely understand what they’re saying. Give them a chance to correct you before you go off half-cocked, sure you know what “that kind of person” wants.

3. Keep your cool.

It’s tempting to want to argue with people who rub you the wrong way, or to lose it and start pointing out their faults. Don’t do that! Unless they’re wrong about something that directly and materially affects you, don’t bother – starting a debate or, worse, an argument will only prolong your agony – and neither of you is likely to change your mind. Save the debates for when you’re with friends whose opinions matter to you.

4. Be clear about boundaries.

You don’t have to be friends with everyone. Which means you don’t have to do favors for everyone who asks. If someone’s encroaching on your time, simply tell them, “I’m sure this is important to you but it simply isn’t a priority for me right now. I really need to work on x and not y.” Again, there’s no need to be mean, just redirect the conversations whenever conversation drifts into areas that aren’t relevant and where you know you’ll be annoyed.

5. Fight fire with ice.

The worst thing you can do with an angry or irrational person is engage him or her. In the heat of aggression, any word or action interpreted as aggressive in response will only trigger more aggression – and most of the item, if someone is upset and railing about it, every word and action will be read as aggression. As hard as it might seem to do, the best thing is to sit quietly and let them spend themselves ranting and raving, and then ask if they’d like to schedule a time to discuss the matter more calmly and return to whatever you were doing. If this sets off another round of yelling, simply wait it out and repeat.

It sucks, but the bottom line is you have nothing to gain by engaging with an irate person in the heat of the moment. And while it may seem that you’re giving up control of the situation – after all, you’re sitting there passively taking it all in, even abuse – most people feel ashamed and contrite after an outburst, especially one in which their target clearly was not responding to or inciting them, which puts you back in charge when there’s actually something you can do about the situation.

6. Close the door.

While you may have to interact with people you don’t care for in any number of situations, remember that your time is your own and don’t let other people, especially ones you’d rather not interact with, take control of your time.

Communication outside of the narrow band needed to fulfill both of your objectives should be minimized – which often means forcefully limiting such talk. Make it clear when you are unavailable, and make yourself unavailable as often as possible. If you have the power, require that your partner make an appointment, and gently reject any effort to discuss your work or projects outside of that scheduled time. People – even annoying people – tend to respect the time of people who make a clear showing that they take their own time very seriously.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sengal ..haha..

i found dis in the internet..can't really remember where,sengal jgk lawak nie..saje nak share dgn korg.. hihi..-

"Sebenarnye cara menjawab tepon yang kite amalkan adelah salah... dan kebanyakannye sama..terpikir kah anda untuk menjawab dengan jawapan yang betul. Jadi disini kite akan cube untuk menukarkan jawapannye (tak le korang boring sangat kalu jadi operator).

1. Soalan: haloo, may i speak to bedah please?
Jawapan: maap.sini bukan balai polis.

2. Soalan: haloo, siapa disana?
Jawapan: ntah. saya kat sini,mane le saya tau sape kat sane..

3. Soalan: haloo, boleh saya bercakap ngan bapak awak?
Jawapan: nak cakap cakap je ler. buat ape tanye saya.

4. Soalan: haloo, boleh sambungkan ke nombor 323?
Jawapan: maap cik,nombor tak boleh disambung,hanye boleh dicampur.

5. Soalan: haloo, mak ade rumah?
Jawapan: mak takde rumah.bapak ade pasal rumah ni bapak yang beli.

6. Soalan: haloo timah, buat ape tu?
Jawapan: kan ke saya tengah bercakap ngan awak kat tepon ni..

7. Soalan: boleh saya bercakap ngan siti?
Jawapan: maap.nombor yang anda dail tidak mahu memberikan
perkhidmatannye... time kacih.

8. Soalan: haloo, tolong panggilkan samad. saya nak bercakap dengannye.
Jawapan: sila panggil sendiri.saya sibuk.maap

9. Soalan: halloo......
Jawapan: haloo. pusat sakit mental disini. anda ingin mendaftar?

10. Soalan: haloo, saya nak tumpang bertanya...
Jawapan: maap. ini bukan kaunter pertanyaan.

11. Soalan: haloo, betul ke ini nombor 3234412?
Jawapan: sila dail sekali lagi. kalau saya masih menjawab betul le

12. Soalan: assalammualaikum...
Jawapan: waalaikummussalam..(tupp!..terus letak tepon.salam kite
wajib jawab)

Friday, May 28, 2010

make up..

hari ni nak cakap pasal make up..

girl should wear make up, but when when i say bout wearing make up it doesn't mean that we should have put on make up like an artis, or even wearing 5 layer foundation on our face..it is a wrong way of wearing make up..ckp psl pakai make up,at least u should put on face cream n lipice, sebab kalau xde make up langsung, ur face will look pale..unless pale is what u want ur face to look like..cream pulak sbb nak jaga kulit u..bile pakai make up, sesuai kan la dgn environment..for example when we go 2 d lecture room, wear a simple make up such as wearing cream face n lipice or anything that u would think simple..false eyelashes is a NO..when going to dinner, u can do a heavy make up, but still not that heavy, heavy make up will just make ur face look fake..xnak la dgr org ckp u cantik sbb pakai make up je kan..but this is just an advise, sape2 nak ikut boleh je, xnak ikut, xpela, as long as u feel confident dah la kan..n guy pulak jgn la nak kutuk2 girl punye make up..kesian dorg kan..guys pun mesti xsuke kalau gurl kutuk style korg kan..tapi kalau nasihat xpe but gune bahase yg lembut ye cik abang..hehe.. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i like kpop song + kpop mv..

i wanna share a video that i found on youtube with u all..a sad mv from kpop by SeeYa ft Brown Eyed Girls ..hope u can comment after watch it..enjoy n perhaps prepare a tissue to wipe ur tears..haha..n by d way dis video has two part, part 1 n part 2..

part 1:-

part 2:-

Done with sad mv, now i wanna show u two of the mv that i like in kpop music..one is ring ding dong from shinee n d other one is oh from snsd a.k.a girl generation..

ring ding dong by shinee :-

oh from snsd a.k.a girl generation:-

This is a reason why i love kpop so much, their music + their mv has never dissapoint me..if anyone of u just enjoy the kpop world as much as i do n also want to know d latest news from kpop world just go to dis website: http://www.allkpop.com/

Monday, May 24, 2010

lfe in umt

teringat mule2 msuk umt, stress gler kot..dahla panas, lepas tu hari cuti die xsame dgn kl pulak tu + jauh dr umah lagi..adoi rase sedih je mase tu..kalau tengok gambar mase mule2 masuk umt, fuh mmg cun abis dgn muke terbakarnye, jerawatnye, semua cukup..haha..semuanye pasal xserasi dgn environment trgnu yg sgtlah panas..tapi sekarang muke pun dah serasi..kawan2 pun best + memahami, so rase okla..nak cakap duk trgnu tu best sgt xla tapi okla, as long as i have a good frens around me..trgnu pun xla teruk sgt, ade pantai jgk kan, kl xde..bolehla jgk picnic dgn membe2.. ;p ..cume satu je, tolong la buat mall dgn cinema kat sini..entertainment mmg menyedihkan..hurmm..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

!st posting..haha

my fashion style is funky n fabulous but yet simple.. i'm just an ordinary girl, some people thought that i'm an arrogant kind of person but believe me,i'm not..i'm a shy girl actually..only my family n frens know me d best..when i was a kid, i used to be a model and has been acting for a television comercial..i don't judge people by what they wear,what they look like or what frens do they have,i only judge them through attitude..hate to involve in other people matters..do many mistakes in life,n still learning 2 be d best person ever..hihi..